Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Variegated Squash

I am between houses and beside myself. We don't have a closing date on our house yet. My husband has been packing like a rat for the past two weeks. He went on a cleaning binge last night that sent me to bed. He scrubbed the washer, dryer, fridge, freezer, stove top and then MOVED all those appliances to scrub the floors behind. Princess is right. I married a pod person. We went shoe shopping AT HIS REQUEST last weekend. Yep. He's an alien. Better guard the cow lips...

Stem cell research: They want my eggs? They can HAVE THEM!

Aside: commercial that I hate: anything that tries to sell me a car, especially an SUV. Commercials I love: That American Express one with Kate Winslet. Don't like AE. Would never carry one. Wouldn't mind getting friendly with Kate, though. The ones with the monkeys in the office who are throwing shred around and pointing their laser at the pants of that stupid schlub who is not cool enough to work in an office full of monkeys. Yeah, yer fired, dweeb.

Pimp My Ride is funny. Yes, it is. Those tricked out cars make me crack up.

Are you a member of LA? Princess and Les are. Carly is. She was inducted last weekend. Global, Sharon and Darling Nikki are. If you figure it out, you're a member. And if you figure it out, you have to buy the next round.

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