Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ramp up the Vamp Factor

I've been reading my butt off and been a selfish brat by not sharing. Here's my latest "shoveitinthefaceofeveryoneiknow" books, The Society of S by Susan Hubbard. It's the latest in vampire fiction. If you are going to ALA, you've been forewarned. Les, this means you.

Ariella knows there is something different about her, her father and her lifestyle, but it’s not until she meets her best friend Kathleen that she begins to question her differences. Her father slowly unravels the truth of Ari’s birth and the mystery of her mother’s disappearance at Ari’s birth.

Ari's new found knowledge of her heritage leads to a tragic event that has Ari doubting her father. She steals in the middle of the night and leaves a note that only reads "south." Along the way, Ari begins to understand her heritage and how it may impact those around her, for good and for bad. The journey to find her mother will bring up more questions about Ariella and what her future will bring than she can answer. An unexpected phone call from her best friend's brother has Ariella demanding, and receiving, the truth about her family and their heritage.

The voice of the narrator and the storyline will keep adult and teen readers captivated as the plot unfolds at a leisurely, yet utterly compelling, pace. Lyrical writing reminiscent of Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic.

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Jessica said...

I'm a sucker for bloodsuckers, so of course I rushed home from ALA to check it out. The book has so many things going for it-- good characters, lovely language, literary allusions, fast pace... and yet it really broke down with the plot. I'm heartbroken. The book had so much potential, but Hubbard never developed any of the dazzling ideas she had. Environmentalist vampires should be a fabulous idea, but she just never did anything with it.

So Robin McKinley's Sunshine remains undefeated for best contemporary vampire fic.