Friday, January 2, 2009

Ten Websites that Turn My Brain to Porridge

1. Style—I don’t claim to be any kind of fashionista. I like to comb the racks at this site for inspiration that I then take to the thrift shops. It’s amazing what some designers think real people will wear and I like to view the runways and picture how the “look” could be adjusted for a woman with boobs, hips and a butt.

2. Postsecret—This secret haven reminds me that no matter what I think is wrong with me or my life, there’s folks with bigger problems who will still help me get through mine.

3. Webcams—I love these things. I can waste hours watching pandas, the Seattle skyline, aurora borealis, construction sites, space weather, auto repair, you name it.

4. GoodReads Never Ending Book Quiz—positively addictive. Test your knowledge of books, authors, literary history, and more. How could any librarian NOT want to pit her wits?

5. Your Daily Art—a little piece of art history almost every day. The way art should be viewed, one savory bit at a time.

6. NPR—I find subjects I didn’t know I was interested in whenever I stop by this site. It’s an intellectual’s sinkhole.

7. Urban Dictionary—Adding to my cocktail party vocabulary is always on my list of things to do.

8. Rock and Roll Confidential—I howl at the Hall of DBs. And I want a Your Band Sucks t-shirt.

9. eBay—I can’t stop looking for vintage beaded cardigan sweaters, Paden City pottery, antique mirrors, and body parts. Or any contraband.

10. Project Rungay—the best fashion snark out there. Two fabulously witty and smart bloggers who took an obsession all the way to Bryant Park.

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