Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, THAT was interesting. As part of a staff day activity, we were all asked to play Runescape and create a character. That's mine in title field there. Feel free to find me and get yourself some hit points or skill points or kill points or shrimp cooking points if you so desire.

I myself have not mastered the Art of Cooking Compu-Shrimp Over an Open Fire. I can make a mean Shrimp Creole over a gas stove, but those skills won't serve me well in a forest.

I keep walking through other people's fires. And while I marvel at the fact I'm not getting burned, I do think that's rather rude of me. The scenery is pretty, though. I think I'll just sit here and Examine This Butterfly until someone comes along and chops me down for firewood. Or until Angie finds me and makes me her friend. She's probably busy whipping up five course meals for all her armor-clad friends over three-tiered fires. They are hashing over the latest battle. They took out a gork with a fluglehorn and are contemplating whether to turn the hide into new boots for everyone or book covers.

Runescape. Interesting place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


Leslie Kern said...

Funny! How exactly do we get to catch the shrimp in a lake anyway?

MarianLibertarian said...

Supposedly you get a net or something and you click on the net walk into the water at the sparkly parts and then you get some shrimp. Whatever...let's all go to Red Lobster...