Friday, January 26, 2007

Where I'm Coming From

I'm not telling you where I live. Oh, c'mon. You don't care. No, really, you don't. Besides, it's a new house and I hate the bathrooms but the basement is the most sensational music studio. I will tell you where I came from, Wyandotte County. Which is a lot nicer than most folks want to give it credit for. Before my husband and I left, we took pictures of some of the places and views we liked best. We pass a view of the Rosedale Arch every day on our way to and from work. If I walked to the end of my block, climbed over the guard rail, hooked a branch of this gnarly dead tree that threatened to topple over every winter and shimmied all the way to the top, I could see the Arch. Or I could just wait and go to work.

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