Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Stuff that Happened This Year

In no particular order:

1. New job--MUCH better job!

2. New house--still questioning my sanity on that one, but LOVE my new house.

3. One year anniversary. And I thought I'd NEVER get married. I don't FEEL married.

4. Tom Waits. If you have not seen him in concert, you are not allowed to die until you do.

5. Witty e-repartee with Lesbrarian.

6. San Antonio with Global and Princess.

7. Thanksgiving with Venus and Sheila.

8. Dweezil Zappa with the other rockuhs.

9. Christmas Eve with the V7s, Beth, Amelia, Meshay, and Marcy.

10. When I look back at all the writing I did, I changed my mind. I worked harder than I thought, and I didn't suck.

11. Mosaic. Fun.

12. Oscars with Crafty Lady and Angie. We had a dessert box of martinis.

13. My garden. I had a mimosa tree this year.

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