Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twofer Tuesday

It seemed like everything happened in pairs today. Double the interruptions, double the meetings, double the wackness.

Today I prepped for an early morning meeting that I hadn't prepped for yesterday and it went a little longer than expected. I confirmed plans for an OPAL presentation I will be giving at another library system and begged and pleaded with friends, colleagues, and complete strangers for names of folks who know more than a passing bit about the Bronte sisters.

I listen a lot at my job. When you listen a lot, you hear a lot of interesting things. I listened to a friend tell me how nutty things are in his department and then I listened to another friend tell me how loony things are in her department. I listened to a friend tell me how kooky things were in his department when he was there. I am convinced I work in a gigantic fun house of psychiatric wonders and anxieties.

I handled some bounced email and updated some collection agency accounts for a patron who should not have been contacted. I read about the new Kindlesque device Apple is trying to roll out and consulted with a staff member about a volunteer who may be able to assist us with our computer classes.

The nicest thing that happened today? While I was covering a break for another staff member, a patron called to tell me how wonderful this staff member had been to her. She gushed on and on and it was a delight to listen to her wax ecstatic about this staffer. Who is everything she said he is.

At the end of the day I watched our beautiful Library get ready for a program that would be hosting 500 people. This is old hat for us and all the staff handle it like the consummate pros they are.

But I was just too tired to stick around for this one.

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