Friday, September 29, 2006


yes, I aM BWI. I could get a ticket and fine for BWI. I am BWI--blogging while intoxicated. I am so looped i have txt evry one i know. i woul dhave text LES but i doh't 'have her phone number.

I will be signing a book contract next week. I have just come from a workrelaed happpy hour. yeah. i'm jhappppy. i went to winslows to see my husbnd play zydeco and see my other dear friends man to give me an update on her life. she has just passed her real estate agents license. on the first time. i am so impressed. but i am drunk. i LURVVV venus and sheila. they will tell the FORUM next week. that i drnktxtd them.

I think it's time to eat something. But first, a shorttlist of people i lurvvv even if i am drnk. prncess, glblib, toast, twitt, bdsee, meggsnbacon, bacnshu, lesbrn (happy hr s..cenario to follow), pinky, yrhusnds(thy will love R bsmt), twitNmtoast, new neighbots badseedntst., DJCLEM, KENT, AMELIA, BETH, MARCO, im soooo drnk, gott go. lurv U all. .

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