Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Harsh Light of Day

I suppose I should be mortified that I was BWIing last night. But nope. I wear my personal embarrassments proudly. It's what makes me the likable goof my friends appreciate. I spend my days thinking up ways to prove how Not Perfect Yet Still Utterly Lovable I am.

But I do need to stop dribbling ice cream down my front. There's nothing charming about that.

And I'm not hungover either. I found THE BEST hangover remedy. It's even better than that Australian stuff Sheila gave me. It's a picture of this dude I don't know, but think is rather pompous. This photo could make a person stop smoking, bat for the other team, scare the friggin' cancer cells right outta the riddled body, wake the dead, turn to meth, run a mile in the opposite direction in under two minutes, I could go on. Medusa would turn to dust if she caught a gander of this guy.

Heehee. I have an idea of how to use that photo......

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