Saturday, September 16, 2006

Le Cafe Dumbass

I'm sitting in my favorite empty cafe because if I go to my favorite busy cafe I won't get any work done. I'm not at my favorite moderately populated cafe because they are religious and don't open until 9 am on a Saturday. Which is sacre-bleu-religious if you ask me.

So I'm the only person in here and I'm beginning to remember why I don't come here on a regular basis. The help is always about as baked as the pastries. The baristard didn't know the difference between a dark coffee and a medium coffee. I had to ask for the creamer. It's roasting in here because it's 70 degrees outside but they haven't opened the windows. I took it upon myself to do that. And for the last thirty minutes the same damn song has been playing on the record player. Some PsychFursesque plaintive 80s lurv tuun. Kid you not, SHE DIDN'T NOTICE until I mentioned it. And the response? "Really? I didn't hear it?" See? As baked as an Alaska!

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