Friday, September 22, 2006

Virtual Porch Happy Hour

I am on my porch with Lesbrarian and we are drinking beer (cause that's what I started with, but I have wine, if you want it) and we are talking about her new job. It is a balmy 82 degrees here in Kansas City and we refuse to wear shoes.

We are getting lightly toasted and will start talking about food after we are done making dirty remarks about everyone we know. But first, there are important world-shaking matters to discuss. The first is, "Which author are we going to spend the weekend with? Neil Gaiman or Dennis Lehane?" and "What should Marian do with her garden next year?" and "What color hair can Lesbrarian wear to her new job?" and "Yes, Lesbrarian will find a cool apartment AND be able to eat" and "What is the best way to transport feline critters from one town to the next? Do you need kitty-go-nap?"

Venus is singing in the basement with the rest of the Cass County Lamenters. She is on tonight and sounds great! When it's break time, Venus will bring that herbal beer she's drinking (what IS that crap?) upstairs and sit on the porch swing with us. She tells us what she's reading and Lesbrarian knows just the next graphic novel she should try cause she's never read one.

I take a sip of beer and start telling the story of the GrizzledMushMouthSanta I rode the bus with Wednesday who grumbled at me to get out of his "handicapped seat" and called me "four eyes" (ain't heard that one since third grade).

It's time for another round of drinks and the band is calling Venus back to sing again. Lesbrarian and I start hatching our scheme to take over the library AND military worlds. We are going to send all those Flyboys to William & Mary for MLS's and give the defense budget to the Library of Congress. Once the Flyboys have graduated, Lesbrarian and I will use them to create our own "Men of the MLS" calendar and GIVE IT AWAY because libraries will have plenty of money and won't need to fundraise.

Hmmmm. I should probably stop the Happy hour now.

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